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Project: Redcap is a Web site devoted to the tabletop role-playing game Ars Magica. Its goal is to provide links to as many Ars Magica-related resources as possible, in as many languages as possible. This English page of Project: Redcap is maintained by Andrew Gronosky.

Since Ars Magica is primarily published in English, links to the game's official Web site and other important resources may be found on this English-language page.

Project: Redcap can only grow with help from the community. If you know of an Ars Magica-related site that is not listed here, please write to us (Note: we have a new address because the old one is getting blocked by spam filters.) Include the location of the site and a short description of its contents.

Project: Redcap Transition

Project: Redcap has been migrated to a wiki. These static pages are no longer being maintained, but are still online for archival purposes.

Recent Developments at Project: Redcap (last updated 28 March 2010)

English Links

Ars Magica 5th Edition
The main Ars Magica page at Atlas Games.
Ars Magica 4th Edition
Atlas's pages for the old edition of the game, including a link to download a complete, free PDF of the 4th Edition rules.
Atlas Games
The current publishers of Ars Magica. Their pages include errata from the first printing, a list of in-print Ars Magica supplements, a web-based discussion board, news on upcoming releases, and two free introductory scenarios.
Grand Tribunal 2010
The Ars Magica mini-convention! Lake Tahoe, CA, USA, August 20-22
Ars Magica resources at
  • List of Ars Magica books and supplements (1987-present)
  • Checklist of Ars Magica products, with members' ratings, comments, and reviews
The Ars Magica FAQ
An introduction to the game and various resources available, both on and off the internet.
Sub Rosa
The English-language Ars Magica fanzine, published quarterly in electronic (PDF) form. See the Web page for information on how to subscribe or contribute articles. There have also been previous fanzines, which are now out of print.
Mailing Lists
Details of mailing lists, including how to subscribe.
ICQ ActiveList
There are two ICQ ActiveLists devoted to Ars Magica, numbers 54311732 and #78479803. This requires ICQ 99b or better to use; get it from
Interactive Links
Ars Magica resources that accept material from anyone reading. Includes directories of Sagas, the Net Grimoire, Character Directories, etc.
MU* links
Links to online MU*s wholly or partly concerned with Ars Magica.
House Rules Links
Web pages featuring variant (house) rules for Ars Magica.
Covenant Links
Greater Alps / Hibernia / Iberia / Levant / Loch Leglean / Normandy / Novgorod / Provençal / Rhine / Rome / Stonehenge / Thebes / Transylvania / Alternate Settings
Links to pages concerned with people's own sagas. There is often additional material on these sites, but the primary focus is one saga.
Miscellaneous Pages
Links to pages that don't fit into the other categories.

Non-Ars Magica Links

These links are to sites giving Project Redcap reciprocal advertising. I don't anticipate there ever being very many here at all.

Other Language Links

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