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General Mailing List Information


To subscribe to the Ars Magica mailing list send an email with a blank subject field and

subscribe ars-magica


in the message body.

If you want to subscribe to the digest version of the list, instead send

subscribe ars-magica-digest

in the message body. The ordinary subscription will ensure that all the messages are sent to you individually. The digest option collects the messages together and sends them to you in a lump, at least once per day.


Please do not send unsubscribe requests to the list. Instead, send an email with a blank subject line and the body

unsubscribe ars-magica
unsubscribe ars-magica-digest


Record this information somewhere you won't lose it, so that if you get sick of the list, you will be able to leave easily.

Posting to the List

You can post to the list simply by replying to a message from the list; the mailing list software sets a 'Reply To:' field so that your reply will go to the list, rather than the sender of the message. Alternatively, send email to


If you are having problems subscribing or unsubscribing, send an email to If you are having problems posting to the list, make sure that you are subscribed. The list is set to refuse any posts from people who are not subscribed, after a few unfortunate spamming incidents. If you still have problems, contact ars-magica-owner, as above.


All the normal rules of netiquette apply to the lists. If you are new to an internet forum, the following brief guidelines should help, and some of them are specific to this list.

Mailing List Ars Magica FAQ Table of Contents Abbreviations >