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Community Questions

Can I write an entry for the FAQ?

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! (Granted, this isn't a very frequently asked question, but it would sure be nice if it were.)

Generally, whatever you send the maintainer will be considered for inclusion, weighted on the inclusion side of the considering. Every article is attributed where the author is known, but if no attribution is given the entry was probably written by the maintainer. You can rewrite these entries, if you feel they should be updated, or you can write your own topic. You also might consider posting your entry to the mailing list first, to make sure that most of the community generally agrees with whatever you're saying. This is a good idea for any answer you propose, and especially a good idea if the question is controversial in any way. If you're worried about this, the maintainer would be happy to post it for you and solicit feedback, so that you can remain anonymous, or post it on your behalf if you don't subscribe.

How many people make up the Ars Magica community?

There's really no way to know. The mailing list currently includes about two hundred subscribers, and the digest includes about three hundred (as of February 2003), and while these represent a large section of the fan base, just how much is a question open to debate. So, your guess is as good as mine.

The question of how representative the mailing list is of the community at large also seems to come up fairly regularly. The argument seems to end with the claim that the books that the people on the list like are the ones that sell well, so it's reasonably representative of the community at large.

Fifth Edition sold particularly well during the first few months it was in print, so there is a fair chance the edition at least partially met its goal of enlarging the player community.

How can I find a troupe to join?

This comes up occasionally on the mailing list, and that's probably the best place to pursue it. Post something about where you are and what you're looking for, and wait for the responses to come flowing in. Or, if that doesn't work, you can try a listing service like the Liber Amicorum.

How is Ars Magica related to White Wolf's Storyteller system (World of Darkness setting) games?


Seriously, though, at one time things were heading toward some kind of connection between the two settings. Back when White Wolf briefly owned Ars Magica, they seemed to be working toward the idea that the World of Darkness grew out of Mythic Europe. This appears to be the meta-game reason for such Third Edition features as "True Reason" and the vampires in House Tremere; note also the inclusion of an Order of Hermes in the World of Darkness game Mage: the Ascension.

That was a long time ago. Atlas Games now owns Ars Magica, and Atlas has nothing to do with the World of Darkness. White Wolf wrote their own medieval-themed World of Darkness "prequel" setting, so there is no need for Mythic Europe to fill that role. The Fourth Edition of Ars Magica eliminated True Reason, and the Fifth Edition removed vampires from House Tremere.

You can still portray Mythic Europe as eventually turning into the World of Darkness if you want to, but there is no longer anything in the official Ars Magica books suggesting that it will (or won't).

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