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The Mailing Lists

There is currently one e-mail list devoted to Ars Magica, though for most of 2005 there were two.

The Berkeley List

The Ars Magica Mailing List hosted at Berkeley, also known as the BerkList, is currently the main Ars Magica mailing list. Its primary language is English. Traffic varies from about 10 messages a day to 50 (or more!). A substantial number of Ars Magica authors are on the BerkList and post frequently. John Nephew, the president of Atlas Games, is occasionally there and has answered questions in the past. David Chart, the Ars Magica Line Developer, is also an active participant, both officially and unofficially. Many of the playtesters and design contributors of Ars Magica 5th Edition are also on the list.

The mailing list is for the discussion of Ars Magica and related subjects. It is not a suitable forum for commercial advertising (unless you publish Ars Magica material), or for unending flame wars. Otherwise, almost anything related to the game is on topic: rules, background, medieval history, alternate rules, alternate background (although if you have alternate rules and alternate background, people might wonder whether you are still playing Ars Magica), upcoming supplements, the quality of the binding of supplements, etc. The best advice is to lurk (read the list without posting anything) for a while, to see what sort of thing is discussed. The BerkList is quite active, so a couple of weeks should give you a good idea of what goes on here.

Please do not post attachments (binary files especially): text files can be included in the body of the email. Also, if your email program is attaching things automatically (rich text, HTML, whatever), please find out how to turn it off, and do so. Note that if other people on the list tell you that you are posting attachments, you probably are: your program will be able to handle its own attachments, so they may not be visible to you.

More information is available on general mailing list issues such as netiquette, common abbreviations and jargon used on the mailing list, and the geeky block of ArM Code used by many of its members.

Subscribing to the Berk List

To subscribe to the Berk List, visit its Web site at The same page may be used to search and browse the (extensive) list archives and to perform administrative functions like unsubscribing and changing / resetting your password.

The ArM5 List

Shortly after Fifth Edition came out, David Chart launched a discussion list dedicated to Fifth Edition only (not earlier editions). The intent was to create a forum where newcomers can more easily follow the discussion (and where that discussion would not be dominated by comparisons of the new edition to older ones). David's plan (announced from the beginning) was for the ArM5 list to be closed down after a while, when Fifth Edition was no longer new.

The ArM5 list was retired in November 2005 due to diminishing traffic. By that time, ArM5 had been out for a full year and most of the long-term fans had embraced the new edition. The newcomers were no longer all that new, and most of the discussion had migrated over to the Berk List. The ArM5 list had fulfilled its purpose and was shut down.

Archives of the ArM5 list may be found at its Web page.

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