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Copyright Information

All the text and images made available on the Ars Magica FAQ retain the copyrights of the original authors and artists, according to standard international copyright law conventions. Where possible, permission has been sought to publish the copyright holders' work on this web site. This does not imply that the material has therefore become public domain or may be freely used elsewhere.

If you would like to reproduce any words or graphics you find on the Ars Magica FAQ, you should first get the explicit permission from the copyright holder in question. If it is not clear who the author or copyright holder in question is or how they can be reached, try contacting the FAQ's maintainer.

Material has been attributed when the author is known. If no credit is given, it was probably written by the site's maintainer. You can write your own entry, if you like. Write to the maintainer and suggest a topic you would like to address. This sort of participation is greatly encouraged.

Please respect intellectual property and the rights of those who produce it. It is the only way sites like this can continue to exist and grow.

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