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Egad, over a month since the last update. I have been working behind the scenes on a site re-design, but really it is past time I posted the links people have sent me.






The Redcap is not dead! Just far behind on maintenance. My peronal Ars Magica page is currently down due to a problem with my Internet Service Provider, but it will be back up as soon as they get their act together.




Updated the Polish page, thanks to Macko Kowlaski. It should be pointed out that Macko sent me the text back on June 28, but I had technical difficulties with the Polish character set (which uses ISO Latin-2) and did not figure out how to convert it to HTML until months later.


Updated the text of the main Project: Redcap pages in several languages:

Other updates:




The following pages are now working and are off the endangered list:

I notice they are both hosted in the same domain, so probably some intermittent server outage is to blame. Also the URLs seem to have changed slightly (the old links automatically redirected to the new addresses), so I've updated the links to point directly to the new locations.

Thanks to the maintainer for letting me know the sites were still live. They certainly were invisible to me for several days, but they're fine now.

The other members of the endangered list were not so lucky.

















Also, the link to Eric Pommer's House Rules seems to be working again, so it's off the endangered list.





Yes, another update after two days. Don't expect that to happen again any time soon.


We have some new updates.


I have finally recognised the reality that I don't have time to do updates to Project Redcap. I've been in charge for nearly ten years (omigodhasitreallybeenthatlong), and so it's time for me to move on. It's probably better for the main fan linking site not to be run by the game's line editor, anyway.

I'm handing over the reins to Andrew Gronosky, who has been doing a good job of looking after the FAQ. I wish him well in his new role tramping the roads of Mythic Europe, while I retire to a wealthy covenant and enjoy fine wines. Or something, anyway.

Ancient History

Earlier developments on the project.


Ouch. Sorry about that delay; it really is far too long. In my defence, I've moved house twice and had lousy net access.

Added links to Fabulae Noctis, Helen Steele's Ars Magica Page, Eäropéa, Projekt: Ars-Magica.Net (English), Projekt: Ars-Magica.Net (German), XML ArM5 Character Sheet, Circaeum Promontorium, Covenant of the Broken Bridge, The Known World, Pax Hermeticus, Covenant of the Door, and L'Ecume D'Argent.

Next up, cleaning out some dead links. I have a few emails telling me about some.


Added links to Northumbria Covenant and Falcon's Reach.

I've still not had time to get link checking working again, so if you find a dead link on the site, please let me know.


Cleaned the front page to reflect the current status of Ars Magica.

Added a link to the ArM5 Mailing List.

Added links to Birsay Brough, Orkney Saga, Clachaig Saga, Ars Ludorum (Japanese) and (Japanese).


Tidied up the links to


Added links to Ordo Miscellanea, Palatini, and Conventus Custodum Vallis Glacieis Quattuor.

I've not had time to get automated link-checking working again yet.


Back to normal, ish. I switched my computer to Ubuntu Linux, which is much better than the distribution I was using before, but broke my link-checking program. Until I can fix or replace it, which will require free time, I can't automatically check links. So, just manual updates for a while.

Added a link to Amnis Arcanum. Updated the link to Spiritus Draconis.


Try not to die from the shock of an update this quickly...

Deleted the links to Albus Corvus, Renaissance Ars Magica, Soporis Serpens, Myrydonn, and Flamands du Rhone.

Problems with Caer Tawy, Ager Nebulosa, and Petra Bugati.


Hey, less than three months. That's an improvement!

Added links to The Saga of the Mirror, Silvae Lucentes, and Taneb's Tooth.

Deleted the links to Library of Evremere, Tonitruorum Fortium, Harlacht, Malenstrom, Pomona, Aequitas, Flamma Aeterna, and Helen Steele's Ars Magica Page.

Problems with Sanctuary Apocrypha (Timothy, where is this page now?), Albus Corvus, Soporis Serpens, Myrydonn, Renaissance Ars Magica, Ars Fantastica, Flamands du Rhone, and Strona Grupy Arm-pl.


Just under five months... I'm really sorry about that. I've now fixed the problems I was having with software, and I still have internet access in my flat, so maybe things really will get a bit more regular now. I'm almost certainly not going to be able to update every week at the moment, but I'll try to manage at least once per month.

Added links to Ars Magica Moderna II, La Comunidad de Ars Magica, Finn Dún, Pax Studiorum, Lux ex Tenebris, and Lance Dyas's Ars Magica Site.

Deleted the links to Non Metuens, Pendragon, Perfugium Aquilonis, Silberwolf, Arutha, Tumulus Tortilis, L'Alliance de Guernac, Kermadem, Seekers, La Tour Maudit, Albus Lotus, Celidon, and Vent du Feu.

Problems this time with The Library of Evremere, Tonitruorum Fortium, Harlacht, Malenstrom, Negrath, Sine Nomine, Sanctuary Apocrypha, Animus Lupi, Pomona, Aequitas, The Rest is Silence, Flamma Aeterna, Fight Simulator & Instagrog, Helen Steele's Ars Magica page, and Chrysokrata.


I have internet access in my flat now, so I can properly update the site again.

Added links to Wikipedia's Ars Magica entry and Accelerata (German).

Problems this week with San Graal, Pendragon, Non Metuens, Calebais, Silberwolf, Pomona, Perfugium Aquilonis, Arutha, Domus Prawlus, Tumulus Tortilis, L'Alliance de Guernac, Kermadem, Ao-Lai, Silva Gregorii, La Tour du Maudit, Albus Lotus, Celidon, Seekers, Petra Bugati, and Ager Nebulosa. Quite a lot of these look like 'page has gone away' problems, so next time around I'll probably have to delete a lot of links, alas.


Removed the link to Sturmdank, as the maintainer has told me it is about to disappear permanently.


Added a link to


Being in Japan is holding up updates.

Deleted the link to Dearge Clach on information from the maintainer.

Updated links for Sine Nomine and Pentagon.


A final update before I head to Japan. The next update may be a little delayed.

Problems with Pendragon and Kermadem.


Another weekly update. I'd better be careful or I'll set a precedent.

Deleted the links to Ambrosia Scottia, Scholae Sagittarii and El Heraldo de Hermes.

Problems this week with Pendragon, Ars Magica Moldensis, and Kermadem.


See! A quick update!

Added links to White Seagull (Polish) and the Sine Nomine links.

Problems this week with Ambrosia Scottia, Scholae Sagittarii, Ars Magica Moldensis, Kermadem (site under reconstruction, so this may be temporary), Drevlan's Ridge, Ars Magica 2000, and El Heraldo de Hermes.


And I thought the last delay was a long one...

Added links to Non Metuens and Monadliath, parts of the Sine Nomine saga.

Deleted the links to Ventum Saxum, Shadowlands, and La Alianza de Shadowlands.

Problems this time with Ambrosia Scottia, Scholae Sagittarii, Ars Magica Moldensis, Via Nova, and El Heraldo de Hermes.


Oh dear, more than a month between updates. I blame the fact that I moved house in the middle.

Added a link to Sapientia non Potentia (Dutch).

Problems this week with Ventum Saxum and La Alianza de Shadowlands.


Added links to Tutor Vespertinus (Italian), Snaefellsjökull (English version), Opowiesci z Mitycznej Europy (Polish), and Soporis Serpens.

Problems this week with The Rest is Silence, The Library of Evremere, and La Alianza de Shadowlands.


Added links to Wayne's Books Ars Magica Page and Snaefellsjökull (French). We now have one hundred links to non-English resources.

Removed the link to the Story Archive on

Problems this week with WebRPG Ars Magica board, Shadowlands, and Dearge Clach.


Added links to Pentagon and New Loth (in Catalan, English, and Spanish).

Problems this week the the Story Archive on


Added a link to Aqua Tremula.

Removed the links to the Marcher Saga, Castalia and Tarn Crag.

Problems this week with the Story Archive and Draconia.


Added links to Isle of Shadows (German) and Adversus Flumine (Spanish).

Removed the link to Coyotewalker's Ars Magica Page.

Problems this week with Castalia, Drevlan's Ridge, Tarn Crag, and Ars Magica 2000.


Added a bit of description to Sanctum Hermeticum Revisited.

Removed the links to Tintagel PBeM and Ravenpeak.

Problems this week with Coyotewalker's Ars Magica Page, Tarn Crag, and Chrysokrata.


Added a link to the free download of Ars Magica 4th Edition.


Removed the links to L'Etoile D'Argent, Draconis (German), Dark Provencal/Englands Auferstehung (German), and Opowiesci z Mitycznej Europy (Polish).

Problems this week with Ravenpeak, Tintagel PBeM, Esgair Dyffryn, and Tarn Crag.


Added links to Sanctum Hermeticum Revisited and The Winter's Spire.

Updated the link to the Ars Magica Character Generator.

Problems this week with L'Etoile d'Argent, Tintagel PBeM, Draconis, Dark Provencal/Englands Auferstehung, Opowiesci z Mitycznej Europy, and Tarn Crag.


Added links to Ao-Lai and Magtens Tinder, a link in Danish.

Removed the links to Calebais, Scopulus Vocis, Foxcourt, and Proditor.

Problems this week with L'Etoile d'Argent, Tintagel PBeM, Ars Magica Character Generator (this has moved; does anyone know the current link?), Draconis, Opowiesci z Mitycznej Europy, Tarn Crag, Isle of Innish, Teml ar Fryn, and Dark Provencal/Englands Auferstehung.


Removed the links to Pierre Fond, Penn ar Mor, and Stuart Kenny's Ars Magica page.

Problems this week with Scopulus Vocis, Calebais, Attacus Cynthia, and Proditor.


Added links to Crocus Briarea and Umbra Extesa.

Removed the links to Raoul's Japanese Ars Magica pages.

Problems this week with Pierre Fond, Penn ar Mor, and Stuart Kenny's Ars Magica Page.


Added a link to Il Drago Nero.

Problems this week with Pierre Fond, Penn ar Mor, Stuart Kenny's Ars Magica Page, Raoul's Japanese Ars Magica pages, Ager Nebulosa and Petra Bugati.


Removed the link to Caer Bwganodd, which is looking for a new home. Also removed the link to Niflheim, which has been problematic for about a month.

Problems this week with Machiavelli Games, Raoul's Japanese pages, and Albus Lotus.


Added links to ArsHive and Secretum Secretorum.

Problems this week with, Raoul's Japanese Ars Magica pages, Caer Bwganodd, Thrakaia, Albus Lotus, and Niflheim.


Restored the links to

Removed the links to Searidge and Forgotten Tears.

Problems this week with Niflheim, San Graal, Raoul's Japanese pages, and Albus Lotus.


Received an email from Aron Peterfy in Hungary informing me that he still had a Hungarian link. Apparently is accessible from Hungary as well, so I'll re-add those links soon.

Problems this week with Niflheim, Forgotten Tears, Searidge, the French mailing list site, and Albus Lotus.


Added links to Claxby, Nave Ignis, and Horadrim. Also added a description to the Newhaven entry.

Removed the link to the Ars Magica MUX, which is apparently dead. Also removed the links to Ars Magica for Vampire, and everything on, which was all of our Hungarian links, so I've removed the link to that page from the front page as well.

Problems this week with Niflheim and Ars Magica Online.


Added a link to the Gaming Outpost Ars Magica Forum, as it is no longer the official Atlas web forum, but it is still active.

Added a description to Foxcourt and updated the link to Antiqua Natura. Thanks to the maintainers for letting me know.

Problems this week with everything on, Forgotten Tears, Ars Magica for Vampire and


Added links to Chrysokrata (German) and Siborgs Ars Magica Site (German).

Updated the link to RhoPhiGamma.

Removed the links to Merdegan's Sanctum, Marauder's Ars Magica Page, La Orden de Hermes, and Sanctum Hermeticum revisited.

Problems this week with Ars Magica for Vampire, Antiqua Natura,, and Dearge Clach.


Oh dear, that was a really long gap between updates. No new links, which is one reason why it's been a long break.

Problems this week with (as usual), Merdegan's Sanctum, Marauder's Ars Magica Page, Rho Phi Gamma, Antiqua Natura, Ars Magica for Vampire, and La Orden de Hermes.


Added a link to Robbie Westmoreland's Ars Magica Pages.

Deleted the links to Bohemian Nights and Quercus Hermeticus, which seem to be really gone. Bohemian Nights was our only Portuguese resource, so I've dropped the Portuguese link from the front page. The pages still exist, though.

Problems this week with, La Orden de Hermes, and Proditor.


Oh dear, that was a long pause between updates...

Added links to Ars Fantasia, Storyteller's Diary, A Nameless Adventure, Lo Scoglio del Kraken and Nigrasaxa.

Removed the link to Black Sunrise, as the maintainer warned me that it was going to disappear.

Problems this week with Bohemian Nights, The Rest is Silence,, Quercus Hermeticus, La Orden de Hermes, Ars Magica Moldensis, and Proditor.


Added a link to ArsPitxu.

Updated the link to Amarante. Thanks to the maintainer for letting me know.

Removed the links to Walls of Pergamum and Lance Dyas's Ars Magica pages.

Problems with (again), and RhoPhiGamma.


Added links to Purification Through Fire and Porta Scarabae.

Removed the link to The Academy, as the maintainer tells me it is gone due to lots of crashes at webrpg.

Problems this week at Ars Magica Moldensis, WebRPG,, Walls of Pergamum, and Lance Dyas's Ars Magica pages. The last two will be removed if they are still gone next week.


Added links to Isle of Innish, Hautepierre, Nexus Draconi, Ambrosia Scottia, Llyn Brenig, Mark Steedman's Ars Magica pages, Ars Magica for Vampire, and Esgair Dyffryn.

Thanks to Neil Taylor for doing a web search and turning up most of those links.

Updated the links to Severn Temple and Merdegan's Sanctum. Thanks to the maintainers for letting me know.

Removed the link to Almagest.

Problems this week with Kermadem, Walls of Pergamum, DRoSI Ars Magica page,, Epithranoi, Lance Dyas's Ars Magica page, and the Library of Evremere.


Added a link to Sanctum Hermeticum Revisited.

Updated and restored the link to Pawel Radecki's page. Please, if you see that I am am reporting problems with a page and know that it has moved and where to, let me know so that I can update the link.

Updated the link to Proditor.

Removed the links to Kulak Noch and Castellum Scopuli.

Changed some links which were being forwarded automatically. It looks like Lycos bought up multimania, and, for the moment, is being forwarded to their URLs. I've changed the links, because I don't suppose they'll tell me when they stop doing that.

Problems this week with


Added links to Al Arama, Crocus Briarea, and Unbekannt.

Updated the link to Spiritus Draconis. Thanks to Andrew Gronosky for letting me know.

Deleted the link to Strona Pawa Radeckiego, as it seems to be gone. Also removed the link to Pelle Kofod's saga, which was our sole Danish resource, so I've removed the whole Danish directory. If we get more links in that language, I'll put it back.

Problems this week with Castellum Scopuli, Kulak Noch, the Ars Magica MUX on telmaron, Almagest, and Proditor.


Updated the telnet to Tempora Heroica. Thanks to the maintainer for the update.

Deleted the link to De Mirabilibus Mundi, which seems to be gone.

Problems this week with Castellum Scopuli, Achivo de Aventuras de Ars Magica, and Strona Pawa Radeckiego.


Updated the link to Marrach. Thanks to the maintainer for letting me know.

Deleted the link to the WebCrawler Ars Magica links. It's no longer possible to link directly, and they have four links total, so there seems little point.

Problems this week with Ars Magica Moldensis, Marauder's Ars Magica page, and Strona Pawa Radeckiego.


Updated the link to Petra Bugati. Thanks to the maintainers for letting me know.

Deleted the link to Sol Invictus, as the maintainer has confirmed that it has gone.

Problems this week with (again) and Strona Pawa Radeckiego, one of the Polish sites.


Added a link to Covenant Pomona (English).

Problems with Ars Magica Moldensis, Antiqua Natura, and Sol Invictus. I've dug up the maintainer's email address for the last, so we'll see if it still exists. If not, it will go next week.

Added the Polish translation of the Polish pages. Thanks to Grzegorz Ruminski for this. is back.


Added links to Forgotten Tears (English), Ars Magica Online (German), Timothy Ferguson's Ars Magica Page (English), and Sanctuary Apocrypha (English).

Deleted the link to Isle of Innish, wich seems to have vanished completely.

Problems with Woodelf's Archive, which is no longer where it was, Coyotewalker's Ars Magica page, Black Oak, Castalia, Sol Invictus, and everything on Could someone other than the maintainer please check that is accessible from elsewhere on the net?


Added a link to Fate's Children (English). That's the good news...

Deleted the links to Sanctus Trismegistus, Le Crete des Brumes (French), Darkwood, Ethos Manteon, Tales of Mythic Europe (Polish & English), Reaching Mountain, Gormaz (Spanish), Mynydd gan Brythwck, Mystic Halls, and Greendale.

Problems, which may be more temporary, with Isle of Innish, Woodelf's Archive, Ars Magica Moldensis, Marauder's Ars Magica Page, Sol Invictus, Tarn Crag, and Tumulus Tortilis. I still can't reach (for example, the Hungarian mailing list archive), but the maintainer assures me that it is still there.


The long delay between updates was because I was on holiday in California. I'm back now, though.

Updated the links to Proditor and Dominare Serpentis. Thanks to the maintainers for letting me know.

Added links to El Mundo de Ars Magica, Newhaven, Russian Ars Magica forum, Flamands du Rhône and Seekers.

Problems this week with Sanctus Trismegistus, Isle of Innish, Crete des Brumes (page not found, so it may be really gone), Darkwood, Ethos Manteon, Tales of Mythic Europe (it's worth reading the server message on this one -- enable Javascript or look at the page source), Reaching Mountain, Woodelf's archive, La Factoria de Ideas, Gormaz, Mynydd gan Brythwck, Mystic Halls, Greendale, everything on, Bohemian Nights, Dearge Clach, Ars Magica Moldensis, and Sol Invictus. I don't know, I go away for a month and the whole net falls apart... Many of these links are probably really gone, and thus will get removed next week.


I am now the Ars Magica Line Editor. However, Project Redcap is still independent of Atlas Games -- I run it in my own time.

Updated the links to Foxcourt and the French mailing list. Thanks to the maintainers for letting me know.

Added links to Antiqua Natura and Petra Bugati.

Deleted the link to Duncorrie, as it seems to be genuinely gone. I emailed the maintainer of Crete des Brumes, and he said that he is looking into moving the page, so the link remains for the moment (althought the pages seem to be actually gone this week). GIDFA is over, after raising over $10,000, so that link has gone as well.

Problems this week with Crete des Brumes, Gormaz, Woodelf's Archive, Dearge Clach, Severn Temple, and everything on


Uploaded the Catalan translation of the Catalan page. Thanks to Bernat Guixeras for the translation.


Sorry about the delay between updates. I've had a busy couple of weeks.

Added a link to Ager Nebulosa. This is our first link to a Catalan resource, so I added a new language page as well. Also added a link to Kevin Hassall's Story Archive.

Deleted the link to Misty Haven, as the maintainer has confirmed that it is gone.

Problems this week with Crete des Brumes, Duncorrie, everything on, all the webrpg sites, including the Ars Magica forum, De Mirabilibus Mundi, La Factoria de Ideas, Albus Lotus, and Seasons of Mist. I am very tempted to delete the link to Crete des Brumes, as it seems insufficiently stable to be of use. Comments welcome.


Problems this week with Crete des Brumes, Gormaz, and Misty Haven. The Misty Haven problem looks serious. I'll delete the link if it is still problematic next week.


Added a link to the Net Grimoire.

Problems this week with Crete des Brumes, Misty Haven, and the Hungarian links on


Added a link to Mistridge.

Deleted the links to Pactio Orbis Romanis, Vulcano and Cloudcastle, as they have really gone. Cloudcastle, at least, should come back at come point.

Problems this week with Niflheim, Crete des Brumes, and Ars Magica Moldensis.


Added links to Corona Montis and Proditor.

Problems this week with Crete des Brumes, Vulcano, Cloudcastle, Fall of Heaven, Pactio Orbis Romanis, and Bohemian Nights.


Deleted the links to Suffolk 1220 and Moonwoods, as those pages seem to be gone.

Problems this week with Crete des Brumes and Sanctus Trismegistus.


Added a link to GIDFA. This is the Gaming Industry Disaster Fund Auction, and is not, strictly speaking, an Ars Magica link. However, there will be a large number of unique gaming items available for auction, including some for Ars Magica. I encourage people to take a look.


Added a link to Calebais.

Removed all the links to Corona Montis and Varius's pages, which have gone.

Updated the link to Pawel Radecki's page.

Problems this week with Crete des Brumes (surprise), Moonwoods, Dearge Clach, and Suffolk 1220.


Added a link to Hermes Portal.

Problems this week with Bohemian Nights, Pawel Radecki's page, Corona Montis, Draconia, and Suffolk 1220. CJ promised to get Suffolk 1220 sorted out, but he hasn't yet (hint). Pawel Radecki's page seems to be really gone, and the link will be deleted next week if it hasn't reappeared.

The problems with have gone on for too long, so I'm changing the official address of the site to, which has always worked just fine. It looks like the previous owners of the domain did something daft with DNS settings, because the problem is that the old address sometimes (but not always) comes back from the routers. Please update any links you have.


Deleted the link to Dahmsa, as I've had no response and it's still gone.

Problems this week with Pawel Radecki's page, Albus Lotus, Corona Montis, Lance Dyas's homepage and Quercus Hermeticus.


I've sent an email to the contact I have for Dahmsa, to see whether it still exists. I've removed the link to Outremer, as that seems to be really gone.

Problems this week with Bohemian Nights and Dearge Clach.


Added a link to Vidua Vasta.

Problems this week with Le Crete des Brumes (on the blink again), Albus Lotus, Blackmountain, Dahmsa, Outremer, and possibly Fall of Heaven -- the main page is just Schockwave or something, so I get no content from it at all.


Added links to La Alianza de Shadowlands (Spanish), D20 Ars Magica, and Guru's Ars Magica page (Polish).

Removed the link to Paty, as it seems to be really gone.

Problems this week with Geocities (presumably a server problem), and with L'Alliance du Temps Jadis, Black Oak, L'Etoile D'Argent, Lance Dyas's Ars Magic Page, Downington, Thrakaia, Suffolk 1220, and Severn Temple. still isn't working properly. Don't know why, but this certainly isn't just slow propagation.

My excuse for the delay this time is that I was away on holiday, and before that there was a gaming convention to go to.


Added links to Shadowbrook and Ad Astra Per Veritas.

Removed the link to RockCliff, which seems to be permanently gone.

Lots of problems this week, a number of which look serious. Gerlac, Kermadem, Palimpsest, Paty, Silva Scientiae, Draconis, Sol Invictus, Aequitas, Downington, Tales of Mythic Europe, Marrach, Suffolk 1220, and Severn Temple. seems to be working now, at least sporadically. Could people let me know if they have problems connecting to that address, please.

The long delay between updates was because I didn't have any new links to add.


Added links to Marrach and Broch de Teine Eun (Italian).

Removed the link to Hermetic Magic in Dangerous Journeys, as that site is dead.

I've also updated the search site to point at the new Redcap, so you will now search the right place. It is using, rather than, because the latter still hasn't propagated properly. I'm not sure what the problem is; will get you to the site for the moment, but I would prefer links to point to, on the assumption that it will be fixed eventually.

Problems this week with Thrakaia, RockCliff, Lance Dyas's Ars Magica Page, Fall of Heaven, and Pawel Radecki's Page.


First, thanks to David Czeck, Matthew Seidl, and Soraya Ghiasi for organising, paying for, and hosting, the new site at The long delay between updates is due to the server move.

Added a link to Attacus Cynthia.

Deleted the link to Abbey of St Simon, as it appears to be truly gone.

Problems this week with Hermetic Magic in Dangerous Journeys, Nexx's Ars Magica Page, Le Crete des Brumes, RockCliff, and Lance Dyas's Ars Magica Page.

The counter has gone as part of the move.


Added links to the English version of Demetra Hyblaea and to Harlacht.

I deleted the links to Mythics Perspectives and Liber Amicorum, as Damelon has closed them down. I'd just like to publicly thank Damelon for all the excellent work he put into Mythic Perspectives over the years. It will be missed.

I also deleted the link to the RPG Japan Ars Magica forum, which seems to be truly gone.

Problems this week with Le Crete des Brumes, Abbey of St Simon, and Suffolk 1220. is back. Huzzah!

Counter Reading: 42993


Added links to the commercial Ars Magica Character Creation Software from Hero Games, and to Castalia.

Deleted the link to Lux Ex Tenebris.


Uploaded the Japanese and Hungarian translations. Please tell me if they look like gibberish, but shouldn't. Thanks to Ichikawa Akira and Péterfy Áron respectively.

Added links to Insula Maledictus, Sol Invictus, Aequitas, and Helen Steele's Ars Magica Pages (Hi, Helen!).

Problems this week with the RPG Japan Ars Magica forum, Paty and Prospectus Locus et al. There were promising signs on the front last week, so I won't delete them just yet.

Counter Reading: 42,537


Added a link to Demetra Hyblaea.

Removed the links to New Scotland, Chrysokrata, and Montclair & Felsburg.

Problems with Le Crete des Brumes, Prospectus Locus et al. (I may have to delete those links, alas), RPG Japan Ars Magica forum, and Tempora Heroica.

Counter Reading: 42,095


I've uploaded the Finnish translation. Thanks to Juhana Leinonen for that.

Added links to Mystic Halls and Lance Dyas's Ars Magica page.

Again, lots of problems this week. Mythic Perspectives and Liber Amicorum have moved up to 'File Not Found', so the domain is back on a server. Other problems with The Rest is Silence, Le Crete des Brumes, L'Étendard du Loup, the Covenants of Montclair & Felsburg, New Scotland, Downington, the pages on (Prospectus Locus et al.), the Japanese pages on (including the Japanese Ars Magica project), Mynydd gan Brythwck, and Caer Bwganodd.

New Scotland and Montclair & Felsburg are both missing files. If New Scotland is still missing next week, I'll delete the link. (I don't have any contact information.)

Matthew Iskra's Ars Magica page is temporarily unavailable while he moves ISP. I'll replace the link once he's back.

Counter Reading: 41,720


I've uploaded the Norwegian translation of the index page. Thanks to Hans Georg Schaathun for that.

Problems with lots of sites this week. Mythic Perspectives and Liber Amicorum aren't back yet. Also missing are Le Crete des Brumes, Chrysokrata, New Scotland, Pactio Orbis Romanis, Pendragon, and Prospectus Locus et al. on

Counter Reading: 41,279


I've uploaded the Swedish translation of the index page. Thanks to Daniel Nordström for that.

Today I've been in charge of Project Redcap for five years, and it's time for a little reflection. The site has grown by about 215 links, and of the 250 or so listed links, over 99% are usually current. The site gets about 20,000 hits per year, so it's clearly of use to some people. The project is going strong; here's to another five years.


A purely negative update this week. I deleted the link to Darkland, because it appears to be truly gone. I also updated the links to Jerome Darmont's various pages. Thanks to him for the information.

This week's problems are with Mythic Perspectives and Liber Amicorum, Downington, Paty, Library of Evremere, Amarante, and Thaur's Ars Magica page.

Counter Reading: 40858


Added links to Niflheim, The Fall of Heaven, Malenstrom, and Vent du Feu.

Problems this week with Mythic Perspectives and Liber Amicorum (known issue, will get better with time), Valombreuse, Mercure, Darklands, Downington, Pawel Radecki's Page, and David Chart's Ars Magica Pages. I've checked with the maintainer of the last site, and he doesn't think it's a long term problem. Project Redcap is also down at the moment, so I can't check the counter reading.


Uploaded the Spanish translations. Thanks to Ezequiel Pozzo for these. (Please let me know if the non-ASCII characters display oddly. I'm getting odd results.)


Added links to the Japanese Ars Magica Project, Shujyuya's Saga, the TRPG forum, Early Days, and the RPG Japan forum. All of these links are Japanese.

I also did another reorganisation of the pages. The previous structure was not particularly easy to use if you didn't speak English. Everything is now split up by language, so that you can easily and quickly find links to sites in a language that you speak. People should feel free to link to one of the language indices rather than to the main index. I would also like people to translate the pages for their native languages into their native languages. If you are interested in doing this, please email me for instructions.

Separating them out means that I have a breakdown of number of resources by language. In first place is English, with 165. Hardly surprising. Second comes French with 34, then German with 20 and Spanish with 11. Fifth place goes to Japanese, with seven. Hungarian, with four, is sixth, while Norwegian, with three, is seventh. Italian, Polish, and Portuguese are joint eighth, with two each, and Danish and Swedish are joint eleventh, with one apiece. There are a total of twelve languages represented.

In simpler reorganisation, I've moved all of the twentieth century development news into the ancient history file, so that this file will download more quickly.

Because I've put the counter on all the index pages, the reading is likely to change by a different amount each week, so I've put today's reading in again.

Counter Reading: 40,033


Added links to Albus Lotus, Malatesta, Marauder's Ars Magica Page, and Webcrawler's Ars Magica links.

Deleted the link to John Kasab's Ars Magica Archive; the people at the university have finally noticed that he left ages ago.

Problems this week with Mythic Perspectives and Liber Amicorum (again), the Darklands web site, and quite a few things on geocities, which apparently doesn't exist. Darklands may be a real problem.

Counter Reading: 39,988


I've had a busy few weeks; sorry about the delay between updates.

Added a number of non-English links. Thanks to Neil Taylor and Sheila Thomas for tracking these down. New Spanish links: Achivo de Aventuras de Ars Magica and Draconia. New German links: Merdegan's Sanctum, Silva Gregorii, Via Nova, Draconis.

Lots of problems this week. I think Demon's DNS must be having trouble. Non-DNS errors from La Combe à la Serpent, Animus Lupi, John Kasab's ArM Archive, and Corona Montis. DNS errors from (deep breath) Liber Amicorum, Inter-Saga Relations, Ars Magica Bergensis, Ars Magica Modensis, Calebais, Eiswald, Perfugium Aquilonis, Mythic Perspectives, Moonwoods, Pelle Kofod's Saga, Makt og avmakt, Pawel Radecki's page, Darkland, Oskari Koskimies's Archive, and La Factoria de Ideas. It looks like Scandinavia has fallen off the internet.

The netforward email forwarding is still broken, despite my email to them. So, I've changed the mailto links on these pages. Please let me know if I missed one.

Counter Reading: 39,595


Added links to Ars Magica and Hermetic Penpals in English, and to Kermadem, Valombreuse, L'Alliance du Temps Jadis, and Le Funeste de Provence in French. Thanks to Neil Taylor for finding the last three, and for providing updates for some of the other French links. As I have mentioned before, I can't tell whether a redirection page has replaced the original link.

Problems this week with Misty Haven, Le Crete des Brumes, and La Orden de Hermes. The last may be a real problem; the other two are probably just dodgy servers, as usual.

There have also been problems with netforward's mail forwarding this week, so that the address has not worked. The web forwarding is still functioning, and I've contacted netforward about the problem. I hope it will soon be resolved.

Mindit are about to start charging webmasters $795 per year to have a Mind It button on their sites. So that service has gone. You can still sign up free of charge on your own account, though.

Counter Reading: 38,296


Added a link to Bohemian Nights.

Problems this week with Coeris, Dearge Clach, Mad Irishman's Page, Misty Haven, Le Crete des Brumes, Dahmsa, and the Library of Evremere. The tendency of certain sites to show up repeatedly leads me to wonder if there's a 'flaky=yes' setting in apache.

Counter Reading: 37,977


Added a link to Suffolk 1220, and updated the links to Cliffheart, Corona Montis and Dragon's Twilight.

I've deleted the link to the Character Sheet Generator, as requested. The data was lost in a server crash; people should use SagaKeeper instead.

I've also deleted the link to Aedestera, which has been consistently absent for several weeks.

Other problems this week with Le Crete des Brumes, Blackmountain, and Avilen.

Counter Reading: 37,488


Added a link to Pax Hermetica. Also updated the link to Seasons of Mist.

Problems this week with Character Sheet Generator (known issue, will purportedly recover), Dragon's Twilight, Le Crete des Brumes, Chrysokrata, Eiswald, and Aedestera. Aedestera has been problematic for some weeks now, so unless someone can confirm that it is still there, I'm inclined to delete the link.

Counter Reading: 37,082


This week there are problems with Character Sheet Generator, Seasons of Mist, Sanctus Trismegistus, Aedestera, and Animus Silvae.

Counter Reading: 36,700


Added links to Coeris and Tales of Mythic Europe.

Deleted the links to Twilight of the Order and Mario Gaida's Ars Magica page (although the latter will be back once the maintainer has found a new server).

Further problems this week with Isle of Innish, Character Sheet Generator, Library of Evremere, Misty Haven, San Graal, Le Crete des Brumes, Aedestera, and Cliffheart. These all look like they could be temporary.

Counter Reading: 36,378


I accidentally deleted the email with the details of the Ars Magica BBS someone set up a while ago. Could a kind soul resend me the details?

Deleted the links to Flamehill and Lux Septentrionalis, as their maintainers have told me that they are gone for good.

Problems this week with Twilight of the Order, Aedesterra, Mario Gaida's Ars Magica Page, and Machiavelli Games.

Counter Reading: 35,547


Added links to SagaKeeper and Hermetic Magic in Dangerous Journeys.

Deleted the links to Adlerstein and Geyersberg, as they seem to be permanently gone.

Problems this week with Flamehill, Castellum Scopuli, Misty Haven, Le Crete des Brumes, Fantasy Library Ars Magica Site, and Pelle Kofod's Saga. Misty Haven doesn't seem to like my link check program, and Crete des Brumes is on a very flaky server, so I suspect that they are both still there.

Counter Reading: 34,136


Added a link to San Graal.

This week's serious-looking problems are Amarante and Black Sunrise. I've emailed the mantainers, so maybe they will come back. Haunted Springs, Adlerstein, and Geyersberg are still missing, but Varius said he was dealing with them, so I'll leave them up in the hope that they reappear. There were network problems with Misty Haven, Pactio Orbis Romanis, Le Crete des Brumes, Chrysokrata, and Dark Provencal/Englands Aufstehung.

Counter Reading: 33,759


Added links to La Factoria de Ideas (the Spanish licensees), Dominare Serpentis, and Teml ar Fryn.

This week, appears to have thrown all its files away: Haunted Springs, Adlerstein, and Geyersberg are all missing. I also had trouble with (apparently, it doesn't exist), and with Caer Bwganodd and Dhamsa. These all look like they are just net problems.

Counter Reading: 33,388


Purely negative update this week, because no-one sent me any new links.

Problems with everything on, which apparently has no DNS entry again (that's Shannon Appel's Ars Magica Pages, Prospectus Locus, The Covenant of St. Nerius, Nature's Teeth, and Vardian's Tomb). Amnis Mirabilis and Aedestera also have DNS problems. So does Mercury Rising, although A Measure of Sand (the other saga on doesn't.

Disciples of the Black Moon is still gone, and I've had no response from the person who told me about the link, so I've deleted it.

Does anybody know whether the Spanish and Portuguese publishers of Ars Magica have web sites, and if they do, what the URLs are? I'd like to add links.

Counter Reading: 33,068


I reorganised the pages, and coverted them to be fully buzzword, er, standards compliant. For now, the old site is still available, but it isn't being maintained. [Deleted 11/3/01.] Please let me know if everything breaks horribly. Since I am now using style sheets, the formatting may not be terribly pretty on older browsers. I also officially dropped the colon from the site's name.


Bonfire Night!

Added a link to Turris Nebulae, although the link didn't work today when I tried it. It was fine yesterday, though, so I'll give it a chance.

This week's problems are The Library of Evremere (still there, but I get an error page when I connect), everything on, which seems to have vanished (that's the WebRPG Ars Magica forum, Shadowlands, The Academy, and Foxcourt), Dearge Clach, A Measure of Sand, Mercury Rising, Disciples of the Black Moon, egroups (which no longer exists, according to the net), and Mario Gaida's Ars Magica page.

I've not deleted any links yet, because while A Measure of Sand, Mercury Rising, Disciplies of the Black Moon, and Mario Gaida's page have all been MIA for a while, things have changed. previously failed to exist at all: it now just doesn't have the pages on it. The same is true of This may be result of a slow recovery from a crash, so they get another week's grace. Mario Gaida just has the permissions set wrong on his filespace, so that no-one else can read the pages. That might get fixed, so he gets a little grace. If there's no change by next week, though, they will go.

A little wondering... Ars Magica Fourth Edition has been translated into German, Spanish, and Portuguese, yet there are far more French links than any other non-English language. Why? Have I just not been informed of the dozens of German pages out there? If so, please let me know.

Counter Reading: 32,744


Added links to Guildenstern's Ars Magica Page, Fraternitas Sapientiae, and the New Worlds mailing list.

Netforward have changed the way webforwarding works, and the old link has stopped functioning. The new permanent link (well, permanentish) is I've taken the opportunity to change the real address as well. It is now There's a pointer from the old one, so nothing should break too badly.

This week's problems are Amnis Mirabilis, Coyotewalker's Ars Magica Page, Cliffheart, Mercury Rising, Uncle Wilf's Ars Magica Site, Mythtower, A Measure of Sand, Mario Gaida's Ars Magica Page, Disciples of the Black Moon, Le Crete des Brumes, and Flamehill. Coyotewalker, Mercury Rising, and A Measure of Sand were missing last time as well, so the links will go next time if they don't reappear.

Counter Reading: 32,352


Added links to Ichikawa Akira's Ars Magica page, the Japanese mailing list, the French mailing list, and Avilen.

I've also added a basic search facility, powered by Thanks to Sheila Thomas for pointing me at this, and assuring me that it does the job properly.

I've deleted the link to Domus Argenteus, because it seems to be really gone. Last week's other two problems had merely moved.

Lots of problems this week. However, Demon has been having network trouble all weekend, so many of them may not be permanent. The problems are: Coyotewalker's Ars Magica Page, Machiavelli Games, Isle of Innish, Concilium Caviali (with a really funky error message), Lux Ex Tenebris, Mercury Rising, Dearge Clach, Pelle Kofod's Saga, Cloudcastle, A Measure of Sand, Black Sunrise, DRoSI Ars Magica page, and Pawel Radecki's Ars Magica page.

Counter Reading: 31,516


Added links to Le Crete des Brumes and Uncle Wilf's Ars Magica Site.

I should have added a link to the new French mailing list, and updated the link to Celidon, but with a little help from a crash I managed to delete the emails with the relevant information in. I'd be grateful if people could remind me.

This week's permanent-looking problems are Domus Argenteus, the Mad Irishman's Ars Magica Page, and El Heraldo de Hermes. Temporary looking problems occurred with Shannon Appel's Ars Magica pages, Vardian's Tomb, The Covenant of St Nerius, Prospectus Locus, Nature's Teeth (all on Shannon Appel's site), and Machiavelli Games.

Counter Reading: 30,455


Added links to the Lex Hermeticum mailing list and Shadowlands.

Arabella seems to be really gone, so I've removed the link. The rest of last week's problems were temporary. This week, there are problems with Cliffheart, Corona Montis, Jerome Bianquis's page, Kulak Noch, Aedestera, Dark Provencal, and Atlas Games(!). These all look like web problems.

Counter Reading: 29,997


Added a link to the English version of Cliffheart.

Last week's problems all came back. This week's problems are Concilium Caviali, Saga of the Broken Crown, Arabella, La Roche Caribet, Greyhawk, Ante Casu, and Eiswald. As La Roche Caribet is the saga I play in, I suspect that that page has not gone permanently.

Counter Reading: 29,103


Added links to an Ars Magica MUX and to Cliffheart.

Removed the link to Pardium, which seems to be definitely gone.

This week's problem children are Misty Haven, The Rest is Silence, Seasons of Mist, Romuald Perinelle's Page, and L'Ecoute s'il Pleut. These all look like net problems.

Counter Reading: 28,575


Added links to Dearge Clach and Malinbonis.

Removed the links to the Broken Covenant (that didn't last long), Grimstone, Kermenen, and Delphes.

This week's problems are Ars Magica Moldensis, Corona Montis, Duncorrie, Cloudcastle, Misty Haven, and Pardium. Ars Magica Moldensis seems to be really gone, the others may be net problems.


Added links to The Broken Covenant, the new ICQ ActiveList, Pelle Kofod's Saga, Matthew Iskra's Ars Magica Page, and Rivenrock.

Problems this week with Isle of Innish, Book of Days and Nights, Duncorrie, Reaching Mountain, Grimstone, Pardium, Tintagel PBEM, and Thrakaia. Grimstone may be really gone--the others look like net problems.

The reason for the long delay between updates is that I was on holiday, and had quite a bit to do just before going and just after getting back. Things should get back to normal now.

Counter Reading: 27,653


Added a link to Amnis Mirabilis.

Almagest and The Rest is Silence are missing, due to the apparent non-existence of their servers.

Counter Reading: 23,957


Added a link to Amarante.

All of last week's problem sites came back. This week, Almagest is AWOL, and appears to have no DNS entry.

Counter Reading: 22,888


Added links to Arutha, Pacte de la Source, Paty, La Combe à la Serpent (also in english), and a Character Sheet Generator. Busy week.

I deleted the links to Avilen, Libri Quaesitorum, and Coeris. Coeris seems to have taken its whole domain with it.

This week's problem sites are Corona Montis, Black Oak,, Mynydd gan Brythwck, Cloudcastle, Scholae Sagitarii, and Silva Scientiae. I suspect that these may be network problems rather than dead sites, however.

Counter Reading: 22372


Added links to Blanche-Espine, Loch Amh Daimh, Ars Magica 2000, and Drevlan's Ridge.

Deleted the links to Oculi Aeternam and Meryna.

This week's problem sites are Avilen, The Libri Quaesitorum, and Coeris, again. Coeris's entire domain name seems to have vanished.

Counter Reading: 21839


Added links to Isle of Innish and Serpentia.

This week's random problem sites are the Darkland web site, Oculi Aeternam, Meryna, and Coeris.

Counter Reading: 20804


Added links to Misty Haven and Giants in the Earth.

Deleted the links to Tizzano, Characters Archive, and Through Darkest Night, as they are all confirmed gone.

Updated the links to Tonitruorum Fortium and Lux Ex Tenebris. Thanks to Neil Taylor for tracking them down.

This week's random problem sites are Corona Montis, Coyotewalker's Ars Magica Site, Vulcano, Library of Evremere, Coeris, and The Rest is Silence.

Counter Reading: 19724


Added a link to Disciples of the Black Moon.

Deleted the link to Malmheden, as it now points to

Characters Archive, Tizzano, Tonitruorum Fortium, and Through Darkest Night all seem to be gone. Lux Ex Tenebris is apparently on a server with a non-existent name (, as is Downington (

Counter Reading: 19129


Added a link to The Walls of Pergamum.

Oskari Koskimies' Archive is back, but Penn ar Mor seems to have left us.

Counter Reading: 16992


Added a link to Dahmsa.

Oskari Koskimies' Archive seems to be gone.

Counter Reading: 15921


Added links to The Academy, Foxcourt, Aquila, and the Fantasy Library Ars Magica site. Book of Nights has been renamed to Book of Days and Nights, and is back.

Thanks to Neil Taylor for checking lots of problematic links, and occasionally digging up sites that I thought had been dead for months.

My link check program doesn't like Celidon or One Step Towards Infinity, but I've verified their continued existence. Otherwise, it looks like merely temporary problems.

Counter Reading 15393


Added links to Malheden, Pardium, and Cloudcastle.

Removed the links to Ars Historica, Arx Draconis and the Book of Nights, which have been persistently gone. Also removed the links to Lisbon and Lisboa; someone else appears to have taken over the pages, and they no longer have anything to do with Ars Magica. Thanks to Rolf Larsson for the information.

Celidon and One Step Towards Infinity are causing problems, and (L'Ecout S'Il Pleut) doesn't appear to exist. They'll go if I don't get confirmation that they still exist.

That takes us back under 200. Sob.

Counter reading: 14785


Updated the link to the DRoSI page, and restored the links to Thaur's Ars Magica Page and the Hungarian Mailing List Archive. They've found a new home.

Added links to Pactio Orbis Romanis, Jeremiah Genest's Iberian Tribunal LARP, Mario Gaida's Ars Magica Page, Blackmountain and Seasons of Mist.

Vespers and the Concilium are still gone, and have been deleted. Ars Historica and Book of Nights seem to be gone.

We've passed 200 links.

Counter Reading 13697


Happy New Whatever.

Added links to Celidon and Arx Prudentiae.

Deleted the links to Thaur's Ars Magica Page and the Hungarian Mailing List archive. The computer has gone to Switzerland, apparently. They should be back at some point. The DRoSI Ars Magica page seems to be gone, as do Vespers and the Concilium. As usual, I'll wait for confirmation.

Counter Reading 12109


My copy of Heirs to Merlin arrived this morning. OK, that has nothing to do with Redcap; I just thought I'd mention it.

Added details about Sodalis, a Spanish mailing list. Also added links to Nature's Teeth, The Covenant of St. Nerius, Vardian's Tomb, Shannon Appel's Ars Magica Pages, and Black Sunrise. Quite a busy day.

Paciscor is gone, and so, apparently, is absolutely everything on I'm not entirely convinced about the latter; it feels more like a system glitch as it covers several accounts. So, they get a reprieve.

Counter Reading Unavailable for some reason.


Added a link to Mercury Rising.

Deleted the link to Foedus Perferrorum. The permissions are set wrong on the server, so you (or at least I) can't get in. The DNS was remarkably good this week; everything showed up. One Step Towards Infinity generated an internal error, but I won't act on that unless it becomes persistent.

Counter Reading 8281


Updated the ICQ ActiveList number. Also added a link to Searidge, and put information on how to get the BerkList archives onto the mailing list page.

Deleted the link to Invocations, as the server seems to be gone. I've also been having trouble getting files for Foedus Perferrorum, although the file reputedly still exists. The DNS seems to be particularly flaky this week. However, the Inter-Saga Relations page has persistently been problematic, so that may go next time unless I hear different.

Counter Reading 7818


Added a link to the Ars Magica ICQ ActiveList. The necessary software doesn't seem to be available for the Mac, so I haven't been able to check this in person. I hope it works. Since this meant reorganising the front page a bit, I've moved the link to Mythic Perspectives there. A link to a sub page with one link on it was a bit pointless. Also added a link to Mynydd gan Brythwck.

Pax Magica is dead, so I've removed that link. The Wyrm's Tear is still gone, so I've removed the link, and I've been having persistent trouble connecting to Invocations. If I have trouble next time, that link will go as well.

Counter Reading 7186


Added links to Albus Corvus and Ante Casu.

The Fantasy Realms Journal page seems to be really gone, so I've removed the link. The Wyrm's Tear is also missing this week, but we'll see.

Counter Reading 6239


Added links to Thaur's Ars Magica Page and Darkland. I also added owner information to half a dozen pages. If people tell me which page is theirs, I'll do it for the others, as well. The maintenance sweep says that the Fantasy Realms Journal Ars Magica page has gone away. It also says that Geocities no longer has a DNS entry...

Counter Reading 5379


Added links to Pawel Radecki's Page and Chrysokrata. My maintenance sweep tells me that Nexx's Ars Magica page has gone, but I don't believe it.

Counter Reading 4166.


Added links to Sentinelle du Bois, Mercure, Cîmes d'Argent (a resurrected page), Sanctus Trismegistus, Eric Pommer's House Rules, Scholae Sagittarii, A Measure of Sand, and Twilight of the Order, and online saga looking for players. I also updated the Durenmar, Malinbois, and Renaissance Ars Magica links. Thanks to the maintainers for letting me know.

Apart from net flakery, the maintenance check suggests that all the old links are still active.

Counter reading 3727.


I updated the link to Spiritus Draconis (thanks to the maintainer for telling me), updated the link to the DRoSI page (thanks to Neil and Varius for the new address), and removed the link to Stormwatch, which really seems to be gone. If you know different, do let me know. Coyotewalker's page came back, so that link is still there.

I'm going to have limited 'net access for the next two weeks, so the next update will be in September. I can still receive email for the Redcap, but I can't update the pages.

Counter reading: 2105


Replaced the link to Coeris, because it's still there.

Coyotewalker's page, the DRoSI page, and Stormwatch are apparently gone. However, I'm going to wait and see if they're still gone next week before I bin them...

I've decided to keep a record of the counter reading when I make updates, so that I can get an idea of the level of use of the pages. The counter only counts you when you visit the front page, and it says 1769 at the moment.


Added links to Flamehill, Guernac, and Wolfsschädelfelsen.

Removed links to Gaillard, Les Cîmes d'Argent, Sanctum Arcana, Coeris, Malenstrom, and Silva Umbrosa. As usual, if you know that some of these are still up, please let me know.

We're going backwards: put up some more web pages!


Added a link back to Tonitruorum Fortium, which wasn't gone after all.


Added a link to Oculi Aeternam. Fixed the link to the FAQ.

Removed links to the Caste of the Globe, Tonitruorum Fortium, and Lupine Woods. Les Cîmes d'Argent may have gone, or Geocities may be flaking out.


Moved all the pages to my new web-space. I'll update the netforward link tomorrow, and the change should be more-or-less transparent. The advertising has all gone, so the pages should be faster. There's a counter on the main page, to give me an idea of how much Redcap gets used.

Email is still the same: this was why I set up with netforward in the first place.


Added a link to Tonitruorum Fortium.


Added a link to Haunted Springs.

Also removed the link to Val du Griffon, and sent out an appeal in the hopes that Ars Mag and all the other pages Eric Kouris was hosting haven't really vanished.


Added links to a German site and the Outremer Saga. Also, Shadowland's name has not existed for three consecutive sweeps, so it's gone.

Also, Lupine Woods is back. Thanks to Steve Saunders for the new address. That brings up a general point about the maintenance sweep. The program only checks to see whether pages are there. If someone puts up a page that just says "These pages have moved to...", the software thinks that that is the page. So, if you find strange things at the end of links, please let me know. Please also let me know if I've deleted something that has only moved.


Added links to Domus Prawlus and Caer Tawy.

I also did a maintenance sweep. I've found a wonderful piece of shareware that checks all the links for me (and gets locked out by geocities sometimes...), which means that these will happen much more often. Windhaven, Lydia's Archive, Ars Magica Net, Stonemuse, and Lupine Woods have all disappeared. I had trouble with a few others, but since I can now do this once a week I don't need to flag them.


Added a link to Sanctus Trismegistus.


Added a link to Mad Irishman's Ars Magica Page.


Added a link to Caste of the Globe.


Added a link to Nexx's Ars Magica page.


Added links to the German FAQ, Adlerstein, Geyersberg, Epithranoi, and Reaching Mountain. Yes, the update was a bit overdue.


Added a link to Durenmar, and updated a couple of other links.


Added links to Rho Phi Gamma and the DRoSI Ars Magica Page, and updated the link to Penn Ar Mor.


Added links to the Fantasy Realms Journal Ars Magica page, Renaissance Ars Magica, and Ars Historica. Thanks to Jeremiah Genest for those links. I also added subscription details for the Ars Magica programmers' mailing list. (And details for the Italian Ars Magica mailing list were added in the big update last week.)


Reorganised the covenant links, so that all covenants are now grouped by Tribunal. Many thanks to Neil Taylor for doing virtually all the grunt work on this. In the process, a bunch of new links were added, and I decided to count sites in multiple languages as one resource per language. Thus, the number of links has jumped up quite sharply.


Added links to Stonemuse, Spear Peak, and Through Darkest Night.

This brings us up to 141 links, which represents a net gain of over 100 links since I took over the site at the end of March 1996. Pretty good for a niche game.


A combination of holidays and network problems have made this update rather overdue.

Added links to Negrath, Lachrymae Vitae, Palimpsest, and Vulcano (I think that's the name, anyway).

I also did a maintenance sweep. Jagoop's Spells, Lydia's Archive (2), The Norwegian Ars Magica Archive, Morte Lune, and Circulus Aurum all seem to have gone. I've added (?) by links I couldn't reach: if you manage to, please let me know, because if I fail again, they will be deleted.


Added a link to Tempora Heroica.


Added a link to L'Ecoute S'Il Pleut and updated a few other links. People seem to be getting quite good about that.


Deleted the link to Josh's archive, and updated a few other links. It is nice when people tell me these things.


Added links to Greendale and Sabratha.


Added a link to Duncorrie, and removed the link to Croeso i'r mi, because the maintainer actually told me that his web site was going away...


Added links to One Step Toward Infinity, Penn ar Mor, and Truant.


Added a link to Ethos Manteon.


Added links to Stuart Kenny's Ars Magica Page, Pierre Fond, Animus Lupi, and Croeso i'r mi.


Added links to Prospectus Locus and Dragon's Twilight.


Added a link to the Norwegian Ars Magica Archive. Did a maintenance sweep, and removed the links to Scandinavian Role Players, Pierrevent, Christian Voltersvik's Archive, Mauri Sahlberg's Archive, Occulus Tempestatis, and Wyrm Puff's Ars Magica Page. I guess the maintenance sweep was a little overdue.


Added links to Downington and Foedus Perferrorum.


Added links to Ars Magica Net, Almagest, the English version of Thrakaia, and the Ars Magica Fight Simulator.


Added links to Lupine Woods, Spiritus Draco, and Kulak Noch.


Added a link to Sanctum Arcana.


Added links to Strohaus and Silva Scientiae.


Added a link to Clach na Tiompan.


Added links to Animus Silvae, Ravenpeak, and Silberwolf.


Changed the name of Jakob Bindslet's page to "Jagoop's Compilation of Spells", added links to Pont d'Ariege (in English and French), Paciscor, and RockCliff, and updated a couple of links.


Added links to Windhaven and Loch Croig Glen, in both English and French versions.


Added links to Jakob Bindslet's page and Gastemont.


Added links to Eiswald and Castle Anthrax.

I also deleted the geoguide from this page, because it was messing up the netmind notification. Basically, geocities sends out different HTML every time, so netmind thinks the page is constantly changing. You will now have to suffer through silly little pop-up windows and stuff, but at least the page will actually have changed when it says it has. If this fails to work, I'll put the guide back and complain to geocities...


Did a maintenance sweep. Domus Ebonrise, both Surge's Archives, and Celidon have all disappeared. I couldn't get into Pierrvent or the Hungarian mailing list archives, but they may still be there.


Happy New Year.

Added links to the Story Archive, Romuald Perinelle's page, and Myrydonn.


Added links to De Mirabilibus Mundi (E. Misc.) and Tumulus Tortilis (E Cov N-Z). Also updated the link to Severn Temple.


Added a link to Jerome Bianquis's page (Other Misc).


Added a link to the product history (English Misc), and updated the Rabenstein link.


Added a link to Shadowland (English interactive), and updated a couple of site descriptions.


Added a link to Calebais, which brings us up to 100 links! I never thought that we would get so many...

I've also added Linkexchange and GeoRewards banners to all the pages, and linked telmaron back to Geocities. This means that I don't have to upload the files twice every time I update and, more importantly, that even people who use telmaron will register on the banner exchange programs, so that ArM will get more publicity. If people absolutely hate this, please let me know, and I'll take the banners off (if enough people complain, anyway). I have no intention of adding them to the FAQ, or to any of my own archive pages.


Added a link to Louvaillac.


Added a link to Machiavelli Games. Did a maintenance sweep and deleted the links to Ravenglass and Grunwald, as well as updating some other links.


Added a link to Mythic Perspectives.


Added links to Coyotewalker's site, Book of Nights, and Gaillard. Also updated the Pax Magica link, and some others.


Added lots of covenant descriptions, please send more. Also added links to Tarn Crag and Thrakaia.


Did a maintenance sweep: only one site down (Phoenix, ironically). Added links to the Scandinavian RP ring thingy and to the Inter-Saga co-operation mailing list.


Got back from holiday, and added links to Lisboa and Ars Magica Moldensis, as well as updating a few other links.


Added a link to The Rest is Silence.


Added a link to La Roche Caribet.


Added a link to Pendragon, and to the Ars Mag English page. I also updated a couple of other links, and put Geocities' new banner thingy on the pages.


Added a link to the Hungarian mailing list, and its archive.


Added a link to Wyrm Puff's Ars Magica page, and replaced the link to the Sanctum Hermeticum with one to the Liber Amicorum.


I've completely redesigned the pages today. For a start, I think that they are now all pure HTML 3.2, which should make them compatible with more browsers. I've also separated English and non-English links, and then split the English Covenant links in the middle of the alphabet. I hope that this will make it easier for people to use, mainly by making the individual pages a bit shorter.

I also added links to Gargamel, Sturmdank, and the the French mailing list.


Finally got the *long* overdue maintenance sweep done. Eternal Night has disappeared, as have Arcis Noctis and Stoneveil, but everything else is still there. Also added a link to the Ars Mag homepage and Eric Kouris's main Ars Magica page.


Added a link to Makt og avmakt, and the stuff about the Origins award. I'll try to remember to remove that when the deadline passes.


Added a link to the Abbey of St Simon.


Added a link to Ars Magica Bergensis.


Added a link to Celidon.


Added the form for setting the URL minder to tell you when I update this page. Thanks to Max Bariola for the suggestion.


Added a link to Web RPG's Ars Magica discussion forum. On the top page, since it's an active sort of thing.


Added a link to The Wyrm's Tear, and removed the link to Oculi Terrae. It's one year since I took over, now.


Added a link to Caer Bwgannodd.


Added a link to Phoenix covenant, and deleted the link to The Dreaming.


Added a link to Y'psoma tes Pnoes tou Pneumatos, which is, I think, the first Greek name for a covenant.


Added a link to Ravenglass.


Added a link to Concilium Caviali.


Added links to An t-Earreach and Val du Griffon.


Added a link to Oskarie Koskimies' archive.


Added a link to Alvarium.


Finally got a maintenance sweep done. Black Mountain, Light in the Looking Glass, and Moonwoods have gone.


Added a link to Scopulus Vocis.


Added links to my Ars Magica pages (back on line), Flamma Aeterna, El Heraldo de Hermes, and The Marcher Saga.


Added a link to Lydia's Archive (1), updated some other links (including the Atlas one), and set up a couple of advertising things that might bring some more visitors to the Project.


Added a link to Mythtower Covenant.


Fun, fun, fun. Had all my web files deleted by the Trinity College computer officers because they changed policies. Thanks for the ample warning, guys. Anyway, I also started moving everything over to, where hopefully things will be fairly stable. I can even hand the account over to whomever takes over the Project. I've also re-added a link to Arabella, and added a link to La Orden de Hermes.

I've also set up with to point from to the main site. This address should be permanent, as should the email address. Of course, something will go wrong.


Did a maintenance sweep today, and deleted the links to Arabella and The Covenant of the Council of Four at Stormshaven. I couldn't get into Gormaz or Light in the Looking Glass, but the pages might still be there, beyond the net mists...


Reworked the top page, to include a MUSH page, and added a link to Eternal Night to that page. If we get another Ars Magica PBeM, I'll be able to start a PBeM page. Also updated the link to Coeris.


Added a link to Arcis Noctis.


Added a link to The Dreaming. I also fixed a problem in the source which was making the links non-functional on some browsers. Hopefully this won't screw it up for everyone else.


Added a link to Domus Ebonrise. If links are coming in this fast *before* 4th edition comes out, what's it going to be like when it's here?


Added a link to Oculi Terrae. This takes us up to 60 links. Wow.


Well, the evil Cambridge Name Server decided to work today, so I finally got the maintenance sweep done. Coat Ar Bleizi and Eburacum have gone, and I've added a link to Christian Voltervsik's archive. All the links now work, apart from a couple with non-responding servers, although the Light in the Looking-glass may disappear soon as Eric is moving it.


Got back from holiday, and added links to Perfugium Aquilonis, Malenstrom, Stoneveil, Gormaz, and Seanarmha. It looks like Coat Ar Bleizi may be defunct, and it is likely to go in the next maintenance sweep.


Added a link to Mauri Sahlberg's archive.


Added a link to the archive of characters.

Added a link to Grunwald.


Added a link to Aedestera.


Added a link to Pierrevent.


Added a link to Tizzano.


Added a link to Lux Septentrionalis. This brings us back up to fifty links...


Added a link to Severn Temple. This brings us up to fifty Ars Magica links.

Did a maintenance sweep. Had trouble connecting to a couple of places, and I need the new address for Thorendon, but the only pages that actually seem to be gone are the WotC Ars Magica pages.


Added a link to Darkwood Covenant.


Added a link to Black Oak Covenant.


Added a link to Rabenstein covenant.


Added a link to Lux Ex Tenebris. Not the covenant of the same name to which I deleted the link a while back.


Maintenance sweep time. I removed the links to Malenstrom, Durenmar, and Canticle's pages, which all seem to have gone.


Added a link to La Grande Ourse.


Added comments to John Kasab's archive. Anyone else who wants comments on their entry should send me some. I also deleted the link to Serpens Mundi, as I have been told that it is going down.


The US mirror has also been moved. I'm just waiting for the directory names to be changed there, and then everything should work fine. I have access to this mirror, so it should stay up to date.


The main site of Project: Redcap moved to a new server, which should be more reliable. I have also redesigned the pages, hopefully making them easier to use.


Added a link to the covenant of Circulus Aurum. Of course, Luddite hasn't been up since I added Morte Lune, so both of these will appear together.


Added a link to the covenant of Morte Lune, which brings us back up to 30 Saga Archives.


Added a link to the covenant of Arx Draconis.


Put the covenant of the Moonwoods back in, having been told that it does still exist.


Did a maintenance sweep, removing the links to Castellum Scopuli, Lux ex Tenebris, and Moonwoods. If any of these still exist, please let me know where. I also updated the name of the Mythic Crossroads to Durenmar: The Grand Tribunal.


Added links to Josh's archive and Stormview covenant. I would just like to point out that this is being efficient.

Then added a link to the Invocations Saga, bringing us up to 30 Saga archives.


Set up the US mirror of Redcap. I'm still in charge, so comments that aren't to do with server operation should still be addressed to me.


Added a link to Arabella Covenant.


Added a link to the Dragon's Tooth Covenant.


Since Tintagel is still accepting players, I've moved it up into the top part of the page.


I've decided that there is no way that I can keep a descriptive index up to date, so all the comments have gone. I've done another maintenance sweep, and updated some links. I've also removed the Ars Magica News page, in the interests of keeping things simple. If you want news, subscribe to the list, or go along to Pax Magica and ask.

I've also re-organised a bit: links to things that you can participate in are now at the top of the page, with the FAQ and the link to Atlas.


I've gone and looked at the Saga archives, and tried to give some indication of size and what's there. People who object violently to my summary should send me a new one... These notes will get updated from time to time, I hope. If this proves to be impractical, I'll delete them. I'd just like to say that 'What's New' pages would make my job easier...


I've updated the link to Eric's Archive (now Mythic Crossroads), and found out what was wrong with the csua ftp site, so that should be back soon.


Today I've added two new links, and removed the link to the errata. They can now be found at the covenant of Occulus Tempestatis. There are over 40 links on the page, now.


Looking at the clock, I see that it is, in fact, tomorrow. I've been through all the links and updated those that went nowhere, as well as reorganising the page a bit. I've also put the link to WotC back, buried at the bottom of the page. In the near future, I plan to add brief contents descriptions to all the links, so that you have some idea what you are getting. Don't hold your breath for this, however. Any errors and omissions should be pointed out to me.


I (David Chart) took over the page, which means British dating conventions, and an update coming soon.


We added six entries in the last month. Deadfire Saga's _Concilium_ continues in _Concilium Nova_, Stuart W. has an archive that shows a lot of promise when it gets finished, and the Project wishes a warm welcome to Odyssey, Black Mountain, Thorendon and Malenstrom Covenants. 25% growth in one month is pretty amazing folks. Hats off to you.


Just got around to updating the News, which fell really behind. Of late, I've reversed the order of the News to new/old, at the greebling insistence of Andy Young. I've also split up the entries into Archives and Covenants in a somewhat arbitrary fashion. If you feel your Covenant is really an Archive, or vice-versa, write me a letter and I'll shuffle you to the proper spot. We broke 20 entries recently. Congrats, folks, the ArMfolk are champs. I've also tabled the idea of nifty formatting for the current little while due to time considerations, and because I don't think Project: Redcap needs to be fancy to do its job.

I also just (about ten minutes before I wrote this) added a link to Pax Magica, the new Ars Magica MU* still in the building, under the Interactive Environments header. Fell free to stop by and look around. Hopefully, ArM will have as many MU*s devoted to it as "The Wax Fang Game", but for now, Pax and, whenever WotC's technical staff feels motivated, Tela, will have to suffice. I will be glad to catalogue them all, though, when they come.


Added Wade's interview to the page and got all the others rolling. Working on a new Project: Redcap News topography for easier access and on putting in some snazzy but low-bandwidth formatting.


Added a link to Andy's FAQ 4.0, corrected some typos, added Lux Et Tenebris and fixed some links that had typographical problems.


I've put in a working link to the CSUA archive. There isn't a script to guide you along yet, but you can now get there from here, which is the point of this all. I've cleaned up the News functions and started to implement the New Model Redcap, as it were. Belin, watch your back.