Project Redcap

Project Redcap is a project launched on September 9, 1994 by Geoff Grabowski to establish a high degree of connectivity between the various World Wide Web sites that offer support for Ars Magica, a roleplaying game currently published by Atlas Games. Project: Redcap was maintained by David Chart from 28 March 1996 to 2005. Andrew Gronosky took over maintainence of the site on 9 December 2005.

Recent Developments


No content changes, but I did re-format this "developments" page a bit.

Also, my e-mail account was out of order for a few days over the past week, so if you wrote to me and haven't replied, please try again. Everything is working now.


Continuing yesterday's cleanup, we seem to have lost:

French (language) covenants
  • Aesculetum Interae Pedes
  • Cîmes d'Argent
  • Mercure
  • Sentinelle du Bois
German (language) covenants
  • Conventus Custodum Vallis Glacieis Quattuor
  • Saltus Nebulae
  • Wolfssch√§delfelsen
  • Silberwolf
Hungarian (language) covenants
  • Guildenstern Ars Magica oldala

This means we no longer have any Hungarian language covenants.

Italian (language) covenants
  • Ars Sicula
Japanese index page

There are 2 dead links here but I can't read enough Japanese to know how to remove them. If you read and write Japanese and would like to help, please contact me.

Norwegian index page
  • Pentagon
  • Eiswald
Polish (language) covenants
  • White Seagull
Polish miscellaneous page
  • Opowiesci z Mitycznej Europy
Spanish (language) covenants
  • Avilen
  • Draconia
Spanish miscellaneous pages
  • El Mundo de Ars Magica
Alternate Setting Sagas
  • Rivenrock
Greater Alps Sagas
  • Sanctuary Apocrypha
  • Pax Studiorum
  • Fin D&uactue;n
  • Isle of Innish
House Rules
  • House rules at The London Chapter
Iberian Sagas
  • Horadrim
Interactive Sites
No pages lost, but I did update some links
Loch Leglean Sagas
  • Clachaig Saga
  • Insula Maledictus
  • Orkney Saga
  • Newhaven
Miscellaneous Links
  • Robbie Westmoreland's Ars Magica Page
  • Ars Magica Moderna II
  • Uncle Wilf's Ars Magica Site
  • Timothy Ferguson's Ars Magica Page
  • Fight Simulator, Battle Simulator, and Instagrog
  • Net Grimoire version 2
Normandy Sagas
  • Fate's Children
  • Seasons of Mist
  • Alvarium
  • Calebais
Novgorod Sagas
    • Arx Prudentiae
    • Vida's Tear
    • Sanctus Trismegistus
    • Covenant of the Door
    • Eiswald
    Proveçal Sagas
    • Animus Lupi
    • Malinbonis Secundus
    • Pax Hermeticus
    • One Step Toward Infinity
    Rhine Sagas

    On a positive note, Rabenstein is alive and well at a new location. The following are missing and presumed lost, though:

    • Animus Lupi
    • Dragon's Tooth Covenant
    • Dragon's Twilight
    • Pax Hermetica
    Roman Sagas
    • Lachrymae Vitae
    • Nave Ignis
    Stonehenge Sagas
    • Coronoa Montis
    • Downington
    • Nigrasaxa
    • Claxby
    • Mythtower
    • Amnis Arcanum
    • Domus Prawlus
    • The London Chapter
    • Shadowbrook
    • Caer Tawy
    Thebes Sagas
    • Lachrymae Vitae
    • Y'psoma tes Pnoes tou Pneumatos


    I've received only one e-mail message regarding Project: Redcap in the past year. Perhaps people think the site is dead because of the lack of updates. Perhaps the lack of updates is because people think the site is dead.

    I suspect part of the problem is that the e-mail address is has been used by spammers as a fake sender address. Over time, that would cause various mail servers and internet service providers to put on a blacklist. Hosts on the Internet are no longer willing to deliver mail to That means that the addresses have become permanently unusable. I have two fixes for this problem:

    1. I've created a new Contact page that tells people how to reach us.
    2. In the long term, our migration to a content-management system will make e-mail less important because visitors will be able to edit Project: Redcap themselves.

    A huge number of links have gone dead, due to a couple of factors. First, there has not been a major update in over a year. Second, and probably more importantly, the free Web hosting service GeoCities went permanently offline in October of 2009. A large number of Ars Magica sites were hosted at GeoCities. In some cases the creators were no longer maintaining the pages so they were not moved to new locations; in other cases the maintainers may have tried to contact me and had their mail bounce.

    So, here are the lost sites, page by page:

    • Petra Bugati
    • Ager Nebulosa
    • Finn Dunn
    • Wittemeer
    • Fixed a ton of broken links to product pages at the Atlas Games Web site.
    • Updated link to Sanctum Hermeticum Renewed
    • Seahawk's Ars Magica Page seems to be gone
    • Updated links to the 4th Edition errata
    • Updated links to the Berk List

    We still have yet more broken links to fix, but that is all I can accomplish in one day.


    Added Der Flug des Phönix to the German Covenants page.



    Migrated the following pages to HermesWeb:

    In addition, all the pre-transition news was moved from Developments to Ancient History. And I removed a lot of mailto links that were still pointing to David Chart. Better late than never...

    Updated URLs:

    Problems with:


    Plans for the migration to the new design are underway. Here is approximately what will happen:

    1. HermesWeb is getting new navigation menus to make browsing the site easier; also, some overlapping pages are being consolidated together.
    2. Content from Project Redcap will be copied over to HermesWeb
    3. Once HermesWeb contains a copy of all the Project Redcap content, HermesWeb will be moved to and will become the new Redcap home page
    4. All existing Redcap pages, except the index page will remain in place so as not to break any links coming in from other Web sites, but they will no longer be maintained.


    This time it's been over six months since the last update. There is a lot going on. For instance, the site re-design is well underway. It's not so much a re-design as a successor, that has an expanded mission. You can see it at its current location, HermesWeb. The plan is that HermesWeb will eventually migrate over to this domain,, some time in the coming months.

    Part of the reason that there haven't been updates in a long time is that I haven't received any mail. It turns out that A) I have a broken mailto link on the front page and B) my ISP is bouncing mail from It should be easier to contact me now.