The Tribunal of the Greater Alps

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Ad Astra Per Aspera
Welcome to Ad Astra, a covenant located in the duchy of Styria, in the eastern parts of the Holy Roman Empire. In March 1190 AD, the tribunal meeting hosted at the covenant Exedra Caeli, gave its permission to and agreed to support the foundation of a new covenant, situated on the ruins of an older covenant. The saga uses an alternate tribunal division, in which the Ad Astra covenant belongs to the tribunal of Bavaria.
Covenant of Scopulus Incanus
The authoritative source for historical fiction in Medieval Austria. The Rabenstein web site centers on the young covenant of Rabenstein in the Duchy of Steiermark, providing many story seeds, house rules, characters and background information of value to all Ars Magica players.
The Saga is set mostly in the Greater Alps, although Covenant Rabenstein itself is located in the Rhine tribunal.
Rabenstein spawned the Sabratha Saga, set in Libya (Rome), and now the new Corona Montis saga in the Stonehenge tribunal.
Spear Peak
A Covenant in the Greater Alps where four young maagi are thrust into the maelstrom of Tribunal politics after the disappearence of the senior magi.
Includes a description of the Hermetic landscape of the Greater Alps tribunal.
Eric Grove-Stephensen