Iberian Tribunal

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Falcon's Reach
Isla de Encanta
These pages relate to the Isla de Encanta Saga, that is located in the Iberian Tribunal. They also contain house rules, material to download, and more!
Mercury Rising
Featuring the covenant of Segobriga Secunda, where magi investigate the site of a recently vanished Winter covenant, and build a second covenant on the site of the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Segobriga.
Prospectus Locus
Prospectus Locus is a hundred-year old covenant set on the east coast of Iberia, in the middle of the Ebro delta. Its story truly began in 1212 when over half of the covenant was killed at Las Navas de Tolosa. A call went out for new magi and in 1213 Prospectus Locus was reborn.
Reservo Scientia