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Maintainer's Note: This page is no longer being maintained. Its contents have been migrated to HermesWeb, the prototype for Redcap Version 2.

Grand Tribunal 2009
The Ars Magica mini-convention!
The online Ars Magica knowledge base. Eventually, the site that is now HermesWeb will expand to encompass all of Project: Redcap's current content, at which point it will become the new Project: Redcap and be moved to the domain.
Ars Magica Player Finder
This is a resources site, which contains contributed articles in the form of new rulesets, background material, essays, adventures, utilities, characters and stories. You can submit your own articles for inclusion. The Book of Beasts is to be found here.
Mythic Europe, the Ars Magica Wiki
A Wiki for the Ars Magica community; new articles encouraged and welcomed.
The Net Wizard's Grimoire
A Wiki of fan-created spells
Projekt: Ars-Magica.Net
A resource site containing contributed and own articles intended to support the Ars Magica community. This includes among other things a complete product history with review modules, forums, story ideas, articles on history and Mythic Europe, house rules, downloads and lots more. Projekt: Ars- Magica.Net holds regular contests and prize drawings for contributing authors. The site is bilingual, German and English.
Sanctum Hermeticum Renewed
Sanctum Hermeticum Renewed presents a selection of resources for the Ars Magica roleplaying game, including the Liber Amicorum. New articles, stories and artwork for the site are welcomed.
Web RPG Ars Magica Forum