Loch Leglean Tribunal

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An t-Earreach
A 4th Edition Saga, now in hiatus.
Birsay Brough
Clach na Tiompan
The game is set in C12th Scotland, and it is currently Summer 1131. The players are based at Clach na Tiompan covenant near Loch Earn [nearest city is Stirling]. The covenant was founded in Winter 1127 by Lycus and Domnhull. It is now a thriving community in its own right.
Glen Garech Covenant
This is an Ars Magica 5th Edition Saga running in south-western Scotland. We are currently in the year 1274 AD. In the real world, we meet every other week for games, and we have been playing for about 7 months of real time so far. The Houses our Magi represent include Mercere, Tytalus, Merinita, Criamon, Flambeau, and Ex Miscellanea.
Loch Croig Glen
The Covenant of Loch Croig Glen ("Lake Croig Valley") is located in the Highlands, on the west coast of Scotland, approximatively between the island of Skye and mount Ben Nevis, on the other side of the Great Glen. It was founded in 1220 AD, with the help of two senior magi from the Covenant of Ballymeanoch. They sent their last apprentices to Loch Croig Glen, pursuing an unknown scheme...
Marrach is an Autumn covenant, heavy on hierarchy as a new generation of magi begin to come unto their own and break free of the confines of the elder generation.
Vidua Vasta