Miscellaneous Links

The Official Ars Magica Archive
This is a mirror site of the Berkeley archive, mostly related to 3rd Edition and earlier material.
About.com: Ars Magica
Links and product reviews.
Shannon Appel's Ars Magica Pages
Logs for four campaigns, rules reference sheets, and character sheets.
Ars Magica 2000
Ars Magica Bergensis
Ars Magica Point Cost Calculator
The Ars Magica Point Costs Calculator is supposed to help you to calculate point costs while creating your Ars Magica 5th Edition character. With your computer being responsible for the number crunching, character creation is simplified a lot!
Ars Magica Character Generator
This is commercial software, available from Alter Ego Software. User feedback has been generally very positive.
Character creation and PDF character sheet creation software.
Castle Anthrax
Includes the Travels of Fedoso.
David Chart's Ars Magica Pages
Latin translations, rules expansions, and a complete Saga.
D20 Ars Magica
Eric Pommer's House Rules
This site contains alternate Combat and Study systems, Ablative Parma mechanics, essays on Mythic Europe, and more.
Fantasy Library Ars Magica Site
Andrew Gronosky's Ars Magica Site
Andrew Gronosky's Fifth Edtion Ars Magica pages. Includes notes on three Sagas, useful links, and some house rules
Helen Steele's Ars Magica Page
Lance Dyas's Ars Magica Site
Machiavelli Games
A site for freeform games based on the ArM system.
Mad Irishman's Ars Magica Page
Home to many roleplaying aids in PDF format, this particular page features character sheets, maps, and stories useful to many Ars Magica players.
Mark Steedman's Ars Magica pages
Nexx's Ars Magica Page
Oskari Koskimies' Archive
Giant Pricelist, Earthsea and Ars Magica, and Ars Magica music. Story archive is in Finnish.
Rho Phi Gamma
Contains several useful files, a small collection of links, but its main claim to infamy are rules for converting AD&D settings for use with Ars Magica.
Wayne's Books Ars Magica Page
Wikipedia's Ars Magica entry
woodelf's Archive
woodelf's Ars Fantasia (PDF)
XML ArM5 Character Sheet