The Novgorod Tribunal

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Black Oak
Located inside of the dense Forest of Ruskia about three days North of the ruins of Radom and seven days east of Gneizno (modern Poland).
A Nameless Adventure
Story based on a small Hermetic party descretely traveling up the Don and Volga rivers in 1204. PBeM using yahoo groups. Applications to participate are entertained.
Nature's Teeth
A covenant of mages living at the heart of an eternal storm on an island seeped with mystery... and the dead. Logs of the first 26 games. Set in the same universe as the later Prospectus Locus (Iberia) campaign.
Trials of Novgorod

In the year of our Lord 1220, The Covenant of Paparotno was founded on the banks of the Kapsa in the marshes to the north of the city of Novgorod.

A covenant of young scholars and magicians they had little idea of the storms that were about to embrace Russia...

After 4 years of battling a series of infernal manifestations, the intrigues of Teutonic Knights, and skirmishes with the local faeries the magi of Paparatno still have much work to do to tame their marshes.

Meanwhile in the East the first battles with the Mongols herald the storm rising...