The Provençal Tribunal

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The annals of the Covenant of Malinbois, 1197-1241AD, located near to the city of Perpignan. This Summer Covenant has recently defeated a major demon plaguing the Val du Seraque, and is now set on rebuilding and politics. Sister site to Tumulus Tortilis (Stonehenge).
Pont d'Ariege
The Covenant of Pont d'Ariège was founded in 1197 AD, on the lands of Baron Guy of Quérigut, who was saved by the Magi from a terrible curse he had contracted while on crusade. The Covenant is located on a small island on the river Ariège, South from the town of Tarascon-sur-Ariège, in the County of Foix.
Saga of the Mirror
A grim Spring Saga set in 12th Century Gascony. The covenant is a sprawling, haunted ruin atop a desolate island; the wizards misfits and outcasts. The Thorendon Saga is based on 3rd edition rules with extensive House Rules.