The Tribunal of Rome

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Circaeum Promontorium
A thirteenth-century Winter covenant set in Monte Circeo--the mountain that legends says was home to the enchantress Circe.
Crocus Briarea
Many years ago, in 1130 AD, a small group of brilliant minds founded a Magical Alliance, settling down in an ancient ruin once been an important university. With the passing of time our heroes would find war, love, death and honor. Live their adventures. Struggle for Supremacy. Be proud of being part of the mighty Order Of Hermes.
Demetra Hyblaea
An Ars Magica III edition Saga set in Sicily. Demetra Hyblaea was founded in 1234, and at date is struggling to survive in the chaotic Roman tribunal. Italian version available.
Fifth Edition Saga of mystery and intrigue, set in Venice (no longer active).
Sabratha was, along with its sister cities of Leptis Magna and Oea (Tripoli), a Phonecian settlement and later a Roman colony along the shoreline of what is now Libya. A Spring Covenant is situated within the ruins of the city, and young magi seek to make a name for themselves and establish another tenuous foothold for the Order within Africa. This site seeks to be a useful reference for Ars Magica enthusiasts, taking over where the Rabenstein Saga left off.
Vardian's Tomb
A coven of wizards living beneath the streets of Rome, the basis for the White Wolf supplement, Tribunals of Hermes: Rome. Logs of the first 70 adventures. Set in the same universe as the earlier St. Nerius campaign.