The Stonehenge Tribunal

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Antiqua Natura
Saga of the Broken Crown
The Stonehenge tribunal covers England and Wales, bordering on the Loch Leglean Tribunal of Scotland. For the most part, it is heavily orientated towards Ex Miscellanea, though the magi here are much closer to Hermetic traditions than those of Loch Leglean. The Saga site describes the Stonehenge Tribunal and its covenants.
Drevlan's Ridge
L'Ecume d'Argent
The Fall and Rise of Exeter
The tale of the Exeter Covenant, on the untamed fringes of the Stonehenge Tribunal. This old Winter Covenant is reborn into Spring.
Llyn Brenig
Mons Obscurus
New Loth
New Loth´s Covenant, placed in the magic and hidden lands of Wales. In a wild zone where prevails the power, the magic, the dominion,... New Loth is placed in Wales, in the county of Pembrokeshire, and belongs to Tribunal of Stonehenge.
Severn Temple
A 12th century Spring covenant struggling to survive in the Forest of Dean
Spiritus Draconis
Inactive Fourth Edition saga set in Wales, focused on the interaction between Latin Houses and Ex Miscellanea.
A Tale of Two Covenants
Two sagas running concurrently under the same GM under 5th Ed, set in a non-canon Stonehenge tribunal with two seperate covenants. One player requested Diabolists, Diedne and politics, so far he's yet to be disapointed.
Teml ar Fryn
A Spring covenant in 9th century Wales.
Turris Nebulae
Turris Nebulae is a new spring covenant located in western Wales, near Cardigan, set at the begining of the 13th century.